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Cardiff Escort Rates

1h A brief interlude – £200

90 minutes Getting to know you – £300

2h Escape and indulge – £400

Additional hours at £200 per hour. For outcalls a small deposit of £25 is required in addition to my rate. I'm afraid I am unable to offer overnight meetings but if you have something else in mind; dinner and drinks, a theatre visit or a spa day, or something else, get in touch.

What Do I Offer?

I'm an escort as well as a pro-BDSM provider. My predilections vary from simple, relaxed intimacy to control sessions, fetish and kink...Let’s get to know one another a little better.

Anal Play: This might include prostate play or toys. Please note I don't offer strap on/pegging.

Bondage & Sensory Deprivation: Bondage is one of my favourites - I enjoy playing with cuffs, bondage tape, spreader bars and rope. Gags, blindfolds and other forms of sensory deprivation are great to add into the mix.

Consensual Non Consent: a style of BDSM play in which everyone involved agrees to behave in a manner that mimics non-consensual behaviour. Could include hostage scenes, forced intox (intoxication) or other coercive play dynamics like teacher/student. This is quite taboo so requires careful communication beforehand - along with tickling, it's one of the activities where a safeword comes in useful.

Corporal Punishment & Impact Play: Over the knee hand spanking, the crisp sound of a paddle hitting your bare bottom, a cane, belt, flogger, slipper, ruler or hairbrush - across your back, legs or bottom. I'm ready and willing to cause pain and pleasure.

Fetish: Fetishes are fun and I love to explore. Foot worship is a firm favourite. Lipstick, shoes, boots, fabric fetishism - maybe you have a thing for leather, fur, latex, silk, or rubber? Or a fixation on a particular item of clothing or make up, worn by a pretty girl? White cotton panties, jeans, silk scarves, gloves, hosiery/pantyhose/tights, lingerie., lipstick or perfume...

Gender & Sexuality Play: If you’re looking for a safe and non-judgemental space where you can cross dress, or dress as you feel comfortable, you're very welcome. Also forced feminisation, sissification, crossdressing, forced bi play, cuckold.

Humiliation: Embarrassment, degradation, abuse, mocking, laughing, spitting, physical inspection, strip-search, exercise punishment, human furniture or size humiliation.

Orgasm Control & Edging: pushing you to the edge and keeping you there, often repeatedly. It's less about release, and all about tension and control.

Roleplay & Power play: clothed female - naked male, queening, objectification, chastity/key-holding, fantasy wrestling, tickling. Dominant Roleplays including: Teacher/Sixth Former, School, Headmistress, Co-worker, Boss, Wife, Doctor, Mistress, Warden, Police, Aunt, Stepmother or let me know if you have something else in mind.

Sensual domination: Light domination, tie-and-tease style activities, can include pleasure mixed in with punishment. Light hearted while still being sensual and tactile.

Threesomes & Duos: Perhaps you’d like to watch (or join in with!) a bisexual encounter between me and one of my lovers. Alternatively I can help you and your partner realise some fantasies.

Worship: I love body worship - whether it’s bottom worship, leg worship, foot worship, facesitting or queening, this is step one in pleasing me.