Erotic Submission

Are you a man who knows what He wants?

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for erotic submission. I crave the opportunity to relinquish control to a lover who knows how to handle me. I have a particular affinity for sensual, caring domination and, of course, the necessary punishment when I am a little wayward. 

For me, submission is a million miles away from passivity and powerlessness and can take many forms. I get a considerable thrill from offering up my body and my pleasure for a lover’s enjoyment.

I’m a fan of fantasy roleplay. That could be a simple, light-hearted scenario, something elaborate and deep, or something a little more taboo. Once we have set the parameters, we can improvise, or plan together beforehand. I am always happy to hear scenarios and aspire to create a comfortable atmosphere where you feel able to express your desires. Perhaps you’d like to tame a naughty girl while she begs and squirms, or you daydream about keeping your secretary after hours. Maybe you have a fantasy around keeping a bright young thing tightly bound whilst you tease her, playing with her senses, or a kinky girlfriend who’s just begging to be taken in hand, watching her strip down slowly, then punishing her for being a tease.

I’m a keen spankee, and have a pert bottom that’s beautifully receptive to being spanked, kissed and caressed. I love the pure sensuous experience. Perhaps you are just the man to instil some discipline with a light over-the-knee spanking, or enjoy the crisp sound of a paddle or flogger meeting my bare bottom. However, if you like to cause pain or degradation, I’m not the girl for you. 

I adore the seductive sensations of power play – the response brought about by a light but firm hand on the back of my neck; the rush of pleasure I take from having my hair grasped and pulled gently, but firmly. The delight of being placed into restraints, the intoxicating eroticism of sensory depravation. I’ve also been told I look especially fetching bound in rope – do come and see for yourself.

The submissive experience I offer is unique to each suitor. I don’t have a list of specific activities I offer as I prefer to have a conversation about what we might enjoy together and mutual boundaries. Rest assured I have broad tastes and an open mind. If you have something specific you’d like to explore, please let me know in your introductory message. In my experience the best encounters are preceded by a discussion around limits and desires, which are then respected throughout. 

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Switching and Domination

If you catch me in the right mood, I’m also inclined to switch things up, and turn the tables on my partner. In these situations, I offer sensual domination but have been known to dish out harsher punishments to those most sorely in need of a reprimand.

For those of a more ‘vanilla’ persuasion, I enjoy losing myself in intimate and personal ‘girlfriend experience’ encounters albeit with a slightly filthy wink.