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by Charlotte Harrington - Friday, 18 January 2019, 4:29 PM
Anyone in the world

After an overwhelmingly successful “Weekend Frolics” I have decided it is most definitely about time I dedicated more weekends to rolling around in bed with you lovely gents. Unfortunately today I am being a good girl (I am sometimes, honest) and am working away on my writing. I even have my studious glasses on so everybody will look at me and go “ooh she looks very clever”.

Tomorrow is an entirely different story all together. There is nothing I love more after a busy week than lazy Sundays spent languorously lying in bed…preferably with some company and naughty fun thrown in! So if you would like to join me tomorrow for the first of the “Lazy Sundays with Charlotte” then get in touch.

I’m hoping to make Lazy Sundays a regular feature, but for this month this is the one and only, so unless you really want to wait until February (and seriously think about this, REALLY?!) then make sure you don’t miss out!

As if you weren't tempted already...

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