The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend experience

The Girlfriend experience

I am a fan of laid-back intimacy. My favourites include gentle flirting and teasing… long, sensual, affectionate caresses… combined with lashings of care and attention. I enjoy meeting respectful, considerate and emotionally mature lovers who want to enjoy an erotic encounter.  If you crave the intimacy of a more ‘vanilla’ session, The Girlfriend Experience is a firm favourite!

I like going with the flow and having things move along in whichever way comes most naturally. It’s an intimate and relaxed, personal time together.

Open and honest communication often helps make sure that your appointment covers all the bases you’d hoped it would, so don’t be afraid to speak up if you have any ideas.


The girlfriend experience might incorporate some elements of BDSM, or a more immersive date of several hours where we get to know each other over drinks or dinner. I love the chance to get to know people more, and to carve out a little extra time and space in my life to be more intimate and loving with my dates.

Whatever your desires, let me know – I want to give you my undivided attention.