No Guilt Massage in Cardiff

No Guilt Massage

Gentleman’s Tonic

The perfect pick me up. You are cordially invited to spend an hour or so vacation on my massage bed, and experience a new kind of happy hour. Step into my sanctuary and enjoy letting me melt away all your worries and stresses. You can peruse my range of oils and lotions, and pick one that tickles your fancy.

This is a lovely full body massage, you’ll leave me refreshed and satisfied.

A taste of Tantric massage

no guilt massage

Living in a modern world of worry and rushing around, we end up storing tension in our bodies. Tantric massage is designed to get you back in touch with yourself and invite you to be totally present in the moment. Seeking to slow everything down and start at the beginning.

Tantric massage is an erotic and spiritual (don’t be scared!) combination of gentle massage and tender stroking originating in ancient India. A part of the Hindu form of meditation known as Tantra, the massage is a whole-body treatment, including stimulation of the genitals and/or prostate. Although Tantra is not goal orientated, this massage could lead to mind-blowing experiences.

We focus on encouraging your muscles to relax and keeping you present in the moment – making it more difficult to wander off – so you can relax and unwind, letting go of what needs to get done, or schedules and deadlines. Making time for you.

I’ll take you to a new level of relaxation and tranquility, before encouraging you to a gentle climax. You’ll eventually leave me fresh and invigorated, and ready to take on the world as you skip out of my apartment.

I enjoy appointments with ladies, gentlemen and couples.

Tie and Tease

Explore your submissive side in a safe environment. Let go and liberate your mind and body. Let me take control. You just lie back and I’ll begin with some long relaxing strokes.

I enjoy erogenous teasing, whispers, kissing, seductive touches – perhaps the use of a blindfold and soft bondage – taking full control of your body. I have a full box of extra surprises for you.

You will surrender to delightful sensations, awakening all your senses, indulging yourself in pleasure. Set your pulse racing with this erotic experience, and if you are on your best behaviour, you will be rewarded with release.

Nuru massage


This unforgettable, warm and wet Japanese massage concept will simply blow your mind… The ultimate in erotic delight!

A Nuru Massage is an incredibly sensual, sexually charged massage with mutual touching and lots of teasing. Originating in Japan, the name ‘nuru’ comes from the special massage gel which is used during the treatment, which is made out of seaweed. It is enriched with vitamins and offers all sorts of benefits to the skin.

The key difference between a nuru massage and a normal massage, is that the massage is given with the whole body, not just the hands. The nuru gel is mixed with warm water and generously applied all over the body – both yours and mine. I sit astride you, applying the gel with oodles of naughtiness, loaded with titillating tricks and techniques to stimulate both body and mind. Let every inch of my naked body do the talking with yours. The super slippery nuru gel means there is no friction between our skin and you will be rocked and rolled straight to arousal, but at the same time, stress relief of the highest order. It smells like sex and tastes like excitement.