I can’t quite believe August is here! I’ve been working hard at the gym ready for my upcoming photos. Location booked (a 19th century palace no less!) I’m getting a little bit excited! I’ve confirmed with the lucky photographer thats going to do my new photo shoot in the next few weeks.

I get so nervous around photoshoot time.

For me the preparation is the fun part! Planning, scouting a location, shopping for lovely expensive lingerie and more. I can spend hours browsing online at garter belts that could pay my rent and lipsticks the colour of London buses. Now, time to make lists.

A staggering amount of my sexiest lingerie – check

All manner of naughty accessories – check

A large selection of beautiful stockings, including my new ones – check

A pinch of cheekiness, a sprinkle of controversy – check

Oh I cannot wait! Hmm…what am I forgetting? Any naughty suggestions? Do share…