I have previously avoided writing a diary entry on so-called “Booking Etiquette”, mainly because I didn’t want to sound like I was wearing my grumpy pants. I’m not wearing my grumpy pants today I promise, in fact I’m quite happily running around my flat wearing a new jumpery-top thing and black frilly pants and little else….but I’m getting distracted and not at all to the point now.

Really this blog is a simple how to guide on making a booking with moi. Because, you know, it’s quite a handy thing to know!


Step 1. You’ve thought it over. You’re about to contact me. You’ll want to make a good impression here. Politeness and respect goes a long way – with a little thought, you can make it easy for everyone and get straight to arranging our time together. Please take the time to read my website thoroughly – I know it’s tricky when I’m putting up distracting pictures of me in various poses and scantily clad all over the place, but I quite enjoy writing and have spent a long time giving you all the information that you need. So be distracted by practically naked photos, read the blurb, laugh at my ingenious wit (how could you not) and move on to step 2…

Step 2. Call or email me. Only a few pointers with this step – don’t call from a withheld number – they scare me and I don’t answer them. In order to confirm a booking I will always need a real life phone number, so calling me from a private one just puts me off straight away, even if you are perfectly lovely.

I’m happy to arrange dates via email – in fact email is my preference; a polite email in order to book a day or two in advance works wonders. But I will still need a phone number from you to confirm our appointment. Although I can occasionally be available at short notice, mostly it’s better to email me in advance if you can.

When you call or email, say hello, and introduce yourself. This seems simple but you’d be surprised! Brief details about your availability and the length and type of session you’re after are also very useful, then we can try and match up our diaries. If you have specific or particular requirements, any disabilities or concerns, or this is your first time, it’s a good idea to say so at this point. 

Step 3. So once we’ve set a date and time, things are looking good. Peruse the gallery, just once more, for good measure. Feel free to get excited at this point!

If we haven’t met before, I may ask you to call/text before setting off just for a final confirmation, and likewise if I’m visiting you, I may ask if it’s ok to do the same. Totally worth it I’d say!