Sensual Domination

BDSM, Control Sessions, Fetish, and Kink

Your Cardiff MistressAre you into something a little different? A mild fetish?  Is there a particular idea you keep returning to in your fantasies – a magic button that takes you over the edge every time? Perhaps you have an interest in BDSM, or this is something you would like to explore. I am something of an enthusiast, and enjoy sensual domination sessions and Erotic Submission.

I offer gentle introductions to the world of erotic domination and submission. BDSM, for me, is about an exploration of sexuality, kinks and fetishes in a safe and non-judgmental environment. BDSM is not just about impact or pain. Let’s indulge your fantasies. 

I love exploring the gentler, playful and loving kind of dominance. Erogenous teasing, strokes, kisses, seductive touches. I adore being worshipped and my curves cry out for devotion. Do you dream of being overpowered by a beautiful mistress who sweetly requests that you drop to your knees and offer yourself willingly, who makes you beg? A sexually charged encounter where I whisper in your ear as I gleefully make you lose control, maintaining eye contact as I firmly and deliciously correct you. 

Communication is key. Understanding the kind of dominance you respond best to, helps me work out how best to build on our chemistry. The more I know, the more fun our play will be. 

Whether you are more experienced, or a novice venturing out for the first time, I’ll be very happy to tailor our time together according to your requirements. If you’d like more information about BDSM and kink services, please get in touch to arrange your bespoke appointment. Please don’t approach me in character.